Party Guide

Alright, lets run through a list here. What do kids like doing the most? Running around? No doubt about it. Jumping up and down? Yes, that would have to be on the list as well. Doing flips? Sounds like another winner. Well, what about providing something for your son or daughter's birthday party that would include all of these activities and more. That's right, there is such a thing. Renting a bounce house for your birthday party will have all of the kids enjoying themselves immensely. In fact, it will be a total blast even for the parents as they watch the kids go crazy. The main problem you will have is trying to get the kids out of the bounce house to eat. But overall, there is truly nothing like the experience that a professional bounce house brings to the table. So, with that in mind, start looking around the Kansas City area for quality bounce house providers. This guide should help you figure out where to go to find potential candidates and how to focus in on the one that will be best for your birthday party needs.

You have probably never had to search for bounce house providers. And this is understandable. So we have a few suggestions as to where to look for quality vendors. You should always start any search by tapping into the power of the world wide web. This can be done by doing a Google search for “bounce house providers in the Kansas City area.” You will instantly see a number of candidates that you will want to check into. And the best way to do that is to start clicking on the links. Check out each website thoroughly. Does it seem like they stress safety? Do they believe in keeping everything clean? What do the pictures of the units look like? If a candidate looks promising jot down their name and information. Also, never neglect your family, friends and coworkers. Someone you know may have rented a bounce house and can speak to the quality of the one that they had. These sources should give you a number of potential candidates that you will want to check out further. Contact each candidate and find a mutually agreed upon time to talk about your needs and their ability to fill those needs.

So, you are now eye ball to eye ball with a candidate. Start the interview by asking them about their experience. How long have they been in business? We recommend that you only consider vendors who have been in business at least 5 years. Are they licensed? This is a must. Ask if they are insured? Again, a must. Accidents do happen and you need to make sure that you are protected. Make sure that you find out how old the units are. Some vendors keep their units around forever and that means that they start to look tired and worn. Other vendors update their inventory quite often. Talk about the process that the units go through for cleaning between uses. How many units do they own or rent? Do they have multiple people who know how to setup the units. This can be an important issue in case the person who was to set yours up gets sick on the day of your party. Ask them if you can take a look at some units while you are at their location. Do you like the quality? This process may seem slow and arduous but in the end it will pay off with a quality bounce house for your party.