Party Guide

There are some great reasons to hire a professional photographer for your so or daughter's birthday party. First of all, you know that you want to have everything captured because you want to be able to reminisce about the awesome time that was had by all at the party. But we want to urge you in the strongest way possible that you do not hand over the photographer duties to just anyone. For instance, if a cousin or a friend comes to you and says that that just received a camera for Christmas and that they can take your party pictures no problem, you should politely decline their gracious offer. Here are some very good reasons for doing so. Your child only has so many birthdays and they are some of the highlights of their childhood. The pictures that you put into a book should capture the true emotions of the day. A professional photographer will know how to capture every special moment. They will know where to be and when to be there to get the right angles. Remember, there is something to be said about being a professional and having expertise in a certain area. Also, hiring a professional will put your mind at east and you will be able to enjoy every moment of the party yourself knowing that you are going to have all of the special moments captured by someone who knows what they are doing. So, with all of this in mind, make sure that you keep this guide with you as you search throughout the Kansas City area looking for that perfect professional.

So, where to begin. We suggest that any search for any kind of vendor should always begin by tapping into the power of the world wide web. Do a Google search for “children's photographers in the Kansas City area.” Yes, it is true that you will get back many more results than you can probably check out. But at least you can start at the top and see if your perusing gets you any professionals that would be worth checking out. Take your time with this search, it is that important. Checking out each photographer's online portfolio. If you really like what you see, jot down their name and contact information. Chat with your family, friends and coworkers about any photographers they may have hired. This could be a great source of first hand knowledge. Take your list that you have created and start calling candidates to setup an interview.

It is interview time. Find out how long they have been in business. Keep in mind that the last thing that you want is a hobbyist. You want someone who has been through the wars and fires and been molded into a true professional. What do they like about working with kids? Get references and check with each one. What kind of equipment do they use. Write down the names they give you and find out if it is of a professional grade. What if they get sick on the day of your birthday party? Do they have a backup plan? Do they have a pleasant personality? Having someone who is easy to get along with goes a long way in this kind of setting. How much do they charge? Do they offer any kind of packages? Do a background check on any particular candidate that you really like. After all of this due diligence, you should be ready to make an informed hire.