Party Guide

You are likely here because you're planning a birthday party, meaning your child's birthday bust be coming up soon! We only have one thing to say about that. Bring in the clowns! There is truly nothing like having a professional clown at a party to liven things up. Believe us when we tell you that this will be no ordinary party with a great clown running around. A talented clown knows how to get everyone involved. No one will feel left out. Also, you as the host will be able to concentrate on other details of the party knowing that the entertainment aspect is taken care of in a professional manner. And the great thing about clowns is that they vary with their skill sets. Some of them have the added talent of being able to do fabulous face painting or amazing balloon twisting or even perform some magic. So, now that you have an idea of what a professional clown can do for your birthday party, it is time to start combing around the KC area searching for some quality candidates to consider. To help you, we have developed a guide that will not only help you track down some candidates to interview, but will help you determine which candidate will be the one that you should hire for your son or daughter's party. We wish you well with your search and hire and remember when it comes to this guide, never leave home without it.

So, how in the world do you find a clown in the Kansas City area. Well, there are a couple of avenues that usually will lead to some quality candidates. One is good old word of mouth. This is still a great source of information. So, with that in mind, so ask the people you know, probably people with kids, if they've hired a clown for a party or been to a party where there was a clown they'd recommend. If they have, find out how the experience was, what sort of entertainment was provided and if they know what the cost was. Another great source of information that you must use is the Internet, which will provide you with a great list of local companies or independent performers. Start checking out the various candidates that pop up and evaluate whether you think they are of a quality that you would want to talk with them about your opportunity. If the answer is yes, then add their name and contact information to the list of potential candidates that you are keeping. Start calling up each candidate and find out if they are available for your date. If they are, setup an interview.

Sit down with each potential candidate on your list and talk about their background and skill set and see if there is a great match. Talk about their professional experience/years in the industry? Take a close look at pictures of their costume and makeup. Do you think it would scare your child or any of the children for that matter. Of so, ask them if there is an option to only have a portion of the makeup put on. What kind of training did they receive to learn the profession? What do they like about being a clown? Why do they like working with children? Can you take a look at any video footage of past performances? If you want them to stay for a bit longer than you agreed upon, would that be alright? What skills do they bring to the table? References are important and checking on each one is even more important. How much will their services cost you? Do they offer any kind of package rates? When you take a liking to a particular candidate, do a background check on them. When everything comes back clean and you are sold on the candidate, it will be time to ask for a contract.