Some of our Frequently Asked Questions

Can we bring alcohol on your vehicles?

As long as everyone in your party is 21 or over, yes! If you have fellow passengers who are under the legal drinking age then alcohol can not be permitted during the journey.

Is there a limit to the service time?

Not at all, we're able to provide service all throughout the night. In the rare event that your extended trip is going to exceed what a driver is legally allowed to consecutively work, we will just need to know in advance so we can make arraignments to swap drivers during your outing.

How do I know your vehicles are safe?

We have a team of highly experienced mechanics making sure they're in the best working order. Before we even send a bus on the road it is given an extensive inspection. We do the same after every single as well.

Why should we choose you for transportation?

Simply because our vehicles offer more features, and our service is much more reliable. If you don't believe us, ask around! We make our living by making sure our customers are the top priority. Without our wonderful, satisfied customers we would not be here and we will always follow this customer first buisness model.

Do we have to tip the driver?

No! A tip is completely up to you. We strongly believe a tip that is required is the antithesis of not only, what a tip fundamentally is but also flies in the face of the spirit of a tip altogether. The majority of our customers do indeed leave their driver a tip at the end of the night and we are very proud that our drivers are performing so well that they are rewarded accordingly.

Can we stop to get food?

Absolutely! Your trip comes with unlimited stops and mileage. If one of your preplanned destinations isn't a restaurant you can call in a pick up and your driver will stop so you can run in and pick food up. Pizza is a great option for this, find a location about 15 minutes away and you should arrive to pick it up fresh out of the oven. A wonderful way to multi-task on your trip.

Who else can I use in other cities?

We have quite a few recommendations. A good starting point if you're in KY is try check out Limo Service Louisville KY or Lexington Limo Service. In Ohio check out Akron Limo Service.